build kit

Our bikes typically include top componentry from Shimano, Campagnola, SRAM, Chris King, Ergon, Michelin, and others.  As part of our custom build process, we'll work closely with you to maximize your gruppo selections based on a number of factors, including your style of riding, budget, and personal preferences.  

You want more?  We will scour the bicycle industry to give you the next best thing.  Carbon disc brake rotors?  You got it... How about a sub 13 lbs bike?  We will find you the appropriate componentry and space age parts to lighten up your build to your specifications.  However, our standard go-to builds are not to be trifled with.  That's how we work, to offer what we feel is the best, or to use what you feel is best for you.

Something to note:  for the cx lov disc and road lov bikes, we only use electrical drive trains.  We feel this technology is leaps and bounds ahead of the mechanical systems.  Smooth, effortless, easy to maintain, and a bit geeky.

     Choices include: 

  • Ultegra Di2
  • Dure Ace Di2
  • Campagnola Record EPS
  • Campagnola Super Record EPS