we lov metal... we lov bikes...

Fillet Brazed Steel frames are no longer available, we have moved to focus more on our Carbon and Titanium handbuilt bikes.   If you are interested in steel we are offering a TIG welded steel frame. 

Of course, what's a custom bike company without hand built metal frames?  We have been working away in the lov shack to bring you bespoke frames. 

lov frames aren’t built with just any steel.  They are crafted with the highest quality steel tubing available.  EVERY frame is unique, like fine jewelry, bespoke, one of a kind pieces of art.  We tailor each bike to your specs based on riding style and intended use.  We don’t have set design models like some builders. We don’t batch build for efficiency or offer various models in stock sizes. We prefer to work with you to fine tune, not only the ride quality and fit, but also the finer aesthetic details.  We want (or at least hope for) you to be a part of the build process!

With beautiful tooling and fixtures from Anvil Bikeworks and our usual meticulous attention to detail, expect our frames to be precise and ready to ride.

Reach out to us for more details.